90 Days to Fit


Is it time to FINALLY start

getting in shape?


Maybe you want to Lose Weight.


Maybe you want to Gain Weight.


Maybe your goal is to get stronger, add muscle, lean up, etc.


No matter what the goal, we are here to help you with this “90 Days to Fit” Program!


So what is “90 Days to Fit”?


We will provide you with a personalized program, based on your goals,

that is guaranteed to work as long as you put in the effort!


We will provide you with the following:


Personalized Workout Plan(s)

Personalized Eating Plan


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So, how is this different than any other run of the mill Personal Training program?


Here are a few reasons:


  • First, you are getting instruction from people that have been there, done that on the athletic stage. We have a combined over 40+ years experience in the Health/Fitness world. We are certified trainers, and above and beyond that you will get coached by a Doctor that has spent years working with and specializing in sports injuries and human performance. This Doctor also happens to be a Chiropractor, and understands the mechanics, anatomy and physiology of the human body better than 99% of the Health & Fitness “Experts” you will find out there. So are you a power lifter?  A baby-boomer? Just ready to be healthy for a change?
  • We will design the program based on YOUR goals, and personalize it specifically to YOU. Not everyone needs to start off doing 100 crunches and planks day in and day out for 3 months straight. If you’re a beginner, we got you covered. If you’re a pro, we’ve got you covered. Fit somewhere in the middle? We’ve got you covered.
  • When you start this program with us, you have access to your “trainers” via email, text, or Facebook message virtually 24/7. If you have a question about how to do an exercise, we’re there. If you want to know if you should try a new item at the store, we’re there. If you just need a swift kick in the butt to get you motivated, we’re there (but you do have to be a “10” on ready!).
  • We aren’t going to get you started on 1 program and just leave you on it indefinitely. We will re-evaluate your progress monthly and generally you will be given a new workout every 6-8 weeks.
  • Our goal is to take you to your initial goals and then if you so choose, we can stick with you. But, we want to teach you and prepare you so well, that you feel confident going out on your own eventually. Yes, you read that right, we want to train you to be able to train yourself and not “need” us eventually.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Who is this program for?


A: Anyone with a desire to get healthy and fit. We have the ability to work with all levels of people and at any age.


Q: Do I have to be a member of a gym?

A: That’s part of the beauty of this style of training. If you are a member at a gym already, great, we can design your workouts based on what is available. If you would rather work out at home, we can give you a workout based on little to no equipment(we will often recommend so basic equipment).


Q: Can you work with those with a health condition?


A: Again, one of the beauties of this is that you have someone in the healthcare industry designing your programs. Yes, we want you to be cleared by your doctor before starting any exercise program. No, we aren’t “treating” any specific medical condition, but it is a fact that good nutrition and exercise can and does help many conditions and prevent others.


Q: Why 90 Days?


A: We live in a world where everyone wants the quick fix for a situation that often has taken years or even decades to fall into. And, it’s nice to hear about 10 day challenges or fixes, but the reality is that it takes time. 90 days is a good place to be able to assess if what you are doing is working and making lasting changes.


Q: How much does it cost?


A: The program cost will vary per individual because of the supplementation recommendations that we will make. But for the training, eating plan, and ongoing coaching the cost is $150/month (That’s a deal), and we do require the commitment for 90 days. That’s a steal for the quality of training and education you are getting!


Q: Does my insurance cover any of the cost?


A: With this program nothing will be filed to any insurance company. Trust us, this is for your benefit.


Q: How can I get started?


A: Call the office at 512-321-9604 and schedule your initial evaluation today, make sure to say that you are wanting to do “90 Days to Fit”. Or, if you are out of our area and want to work with us via the internet, you can contact us here.

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